Cody in 2015.

Cody Mocek is a stuntman for TCV. He made his debut on November 12th 2011.

Effect on TCVEdit

In TCV, Cody helps out and performs in Football, Gladiator Ball, Amateur Wrestling, Role Playing and Gaming. Cody is also a great cameraman and has filmed multiple videos. He is also the Pro Wrestling intercontinental champion.


Cody's favorite videos are:

Amateur Wrestling vs Eli

Pool of Pain

Ring of Champions

Slam Dunk


Main ActivityEdit

Cody's main activity is football. He reached the defensive cycle on October 14th 2013.

Wrestling Style Edit

Cody's wrestling style is grabbing tits, preferably Eli's.


November 12th 2011: Made TCV debut

February 17th 2012: Lost to Tyler Moran at Ring of Champions

July 6th 2012: Defeated Kyle Platt for the pro Wrestling Intercontinental championship

August 4th 2012: Defeated Jacob Mocek at Pool of Pain

October 14th 2013: Played in All-Star Game

July 29th 2014: Won Gold Medal in Swim-lympics

Personal LifeEdit

Cody Mocek was born on January 2nd 2002. He plays baseball and football.

Random FactsEdit

Thing most people mind but you don't- Eli Clevenger

Favorite Junk Food- Eli Clevenger

Favorite Pop- Eli Clevenger

Favorite Sports Teams- NHL: Eli Clevenger NFL: The D MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates College: ECU

Favorite Video Games: Eli Clevenger

Favorite restaurant: Eli Clevenger

See AlsoEdit

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