Damion Krouse is a stuntman in TCV . He made his debut on February 13th 2012 in the video TCV Stair Shuffling. He is a main of almost all activites including Wrestling, Football and Gladiator Ball

Effect on TCVEdit

Damion has been huge in multiple activities. He is 2-2 in Amateur Wrestling defeating Brian Hernandez and William Boehm III. In Gladiator Ball, Damion is 3rd overall in 1st Places, 5th in Eliminations and tied for 2nd in Games Played. In Pro Wrestling, Damion won the world heavyweight title on February 17th 2012 in a fatal 4 way against Joseph Ray, Tyler Moran and Drew Rowland. He lost the title to Joseph Ray on August 4th 2012 at Pool of Pain. Damion is in 3 of the 5 videos over 1,000 views (Pool of Pain, Backflip and Pool Baseball)


Damions top 5 favorite videos he's been in are:

2012-2013 Wrestling Highlights

Obstacle Course 2: Suicide Slide

Football All-Star Game

Football Game 1

Dude Perfect Parody 2

Main ActivityEdit

Damions main activity is Football. At the end of Season 1, Damion was sack leader and passing touchdowns leader, which led him to the All-Star Game on October 13th 2013. He is an interception away from the defensive and reached the offensive cycle at the end of Game 2, which was the 2nd person to do that, behind Joseph Ray who also accomplished this in Game 2.


Febuary 13th 2012: Made TCV debut

Febuary 17th 2012: Won Pro [Wrestling} world heavyweight title

August 4th 2012: Lost world title to Joseph Ray

August 4th 2012: Made Football debut

February 2013: Reached offensive cycle

March 2013: Made Amateur Wrestling debut. Defeated Brian Hernandez

October 2013: Appeared in Season 1 All-Star Game

November 2014: Appointed Director of Wrestling

December 2014: Removed From Board

Personal LifeEdit

Damion Levi Krouse was born April 27th 2000. He is a wrestler and currently wrestles for the school.

Random FactsEdit

Thing most people mind but you don't- Broccoli and Brussels sprouts

Favorite Junk Food- Pizza Rolls & Milkshakes

Favorite Pop- Mountain Dew

Favorite Sports Teams- NHL: None NFL: Cincinnati Bengals MLB: None (Bandwagoner) College: TCU

Favorite Video Games: PS3: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS4: Infamous 2nd Son

Favorite restaurant: Taco Bell and Sheetz