Gaming in TCV has 6 main sections: Xbox/PS3 Time with Travis (Wrestling themed on Xbox and PS3), Teen & Under (family friendly games), Retro Roundup (Pre-2004ish), Computer Club (Computer Games), Smash Bruhs (Super Smash Bros.), GLITCHES and Playthroughs (anything). The director of Gaming is No one.

Xbox/PS3 Time With Travis Edit

Xbox Time With Travis was the first gaming show in TCV and was heavily promoted in the gaming commercial. The main idea is that the show is based off of Wrestling where they come out to entrances and play for the "championship." The PS3 Time With Travis comes in after they had an episode on MLB The Show 14 with Damion Krouse. The series has taken a break lately as Travis has repaired the Xbox! They also played Grand Theft Auto Snad Andreas on the PS2! Between 10 episode of Xbox, 1 episode of PS2 and 1 of PS3, it has combined 430 views!

Teen & Under Edit

Teen & Under is the series of playing a multiplayer game, usually only with one upload. The host of Teen & Under is Kyle Platt. Total Views are:499 as of episode 16.

Retro Roundup Edit


Punchout! thumbnail

Retro Roundup is the one upload (usually) of a game released before 2004, generally before the release of the Xbox 360, which means SOME Game Cube games are acceptable. The host of Retro Roundup is Eli Clevenger. Games played on Retro Roundup are: Mike Tyson's Punchout! (NES, 1987), Pokemon Stadium 2 (N64, 2000) and Diddy Kong Racing (N64, 1997). Total views are: 120 as of Episode 3.

Computer Club Edit

Computer Club is the playing of games played on computers. The Computer Club is: Travis Platt, Cody Mocek and Jacob Mocek The total views are:711 as of the Flappy Bird episode.

Smash Bruhs Edit

Smash bruhs

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Smash Bruhs is a fairly new series with only one episode uploaded as of this page being made. It is of playing Super Smash Bros. and the only one played so far is the Wii U version. One episode has been made titled: I CREATED YOU! 2 pilot episodes were also made. The first being an 8 player smash and second having Eli Clevenger and Travis Platt face off!


GLITCHES! is an older series with no real host but showcased some of the best glitches in gaming! The first video of the series, Fly Dangerous and the 11th episode, My Pet Yoshi Cart have over 1,000 views! it is the most viewed gaming series having 4,393 total views!

Playthroughs Edit

Playthroughs are another fairly new series with the first episode of the first playthrough being uploaded on the day this page was made. The only playthrough so far is of the game Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360, played by Eli Clevenger and Travis Platt.

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