Isaac in 2015, shaka brahing with a football.

Isaac Witmer is a stuntman in TCV. He made his debut on September 27th 2012.

Effect on TCVEdit

Isaac has really helped TCV in Football, Gladiator Ball and Role Playing. He was an alternate in the Season 1 All-Star Game in October 2013. He invented "Witmer-ing" in March 2014 so in most of his videos, it's Witmer time!


Isaac's favorite videos he's been in are:

Swim-lympics 2014

Gladiator Ball Round 15

Football Game 14

Parkour Jumping

Football Game 5


September 27th 2012: TCV Debut

March 22nd 2013: Football Debut

October 14th 2013: Alternate in All-Star Game

May 5th 2014: Made Awesome Catch before his birthday

Personal LifeEdit

Isaac Witmer was born May 6th 2004. He likes to play football, baseball and wrestling.

Random FactsEdit

Thing most people mind but you don't- Damion Krouse throwing high up

Favorite Junk Food- Twix & Snickers

Favorite Pop- Mountain Dew

Favorite Sports Teams- NHL: None NFL: Philadelphia Eagles MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates College: Notre Dame

Favorite Video Games: PS4: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & Assassins Creed Black Flag. PS3: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Tablet: FNAF 2

Favorite restaurant: Local Chinese Buffet (Indiana)