Kyle in 2015.

Kyle Platt is one of the main stuntman, he is in almost 200 videos meaning he is a huge part of TCV. He is a host of a gaming show Teen and Under and participates in most of all videos when he is not suspended for various reasons. Kyle Platt is the secondhand cameraman and enjoys gaming, role playing, and swimming.

Effect on TCVEdit

Kyle Platt is a huge impact on TCV for helping produce most of the videos, taking part in all subjects of TCV. Hosting a gaming show, Teen and Under, and helps motivates Travis at home. He is the secondhand cameraman, he was undefeated in amateur wrestling until he was destroyed by Tyler Moran. Has many major roles in role playing such as Christmas specials and other role playing. Kyle is one the most important stuntmen and is someone Travis could always count on.


Kyle Platt has appeared in almost 200 videos including Gaming, Amateur Wrestling, Football, Basketball, the most viewed video Pool of Pain, Pool Tricks, Role Playing, glitches, and, random videos.

Main ActivityEdit

Kyle Platt is mostly known in TCV for Role Playing. Most participants do not enjoy doing role playing but Kyle Platt does and is in most role playing videos including Christmas Specials, Gangsta life, and others.

Personal LifeEdit

Kyle Platt was born on January 2nd, 2002, and lives with Travis Platt and helps give Travis ideas and motivates him for TCV. He spends most of his time in his room doing whatever and one day wants to be a animator.

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