TCV Reacts is a series started on December 14, 2014. It involves various stuntmen reacting to a certain video, usually picked by a stuntman or Travis Platt himself. It showcases live reactions of popular YouTube videos by the stuntmen.

History Edit

TCV Reacts was started on December 14, 2014. It started with Travis Platt showing William Boehm III, Joseph Ray, Eli Clevenger, Ray Ray Lawson and Kyle Platt a video by Shane Dawson, of a parody of "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift. The video got 50 views and 5 likes within 2 days of the upload causing Travis to upload the second video of the first stuntmen reacting to "MLG Cats" suggested by Kyle Platt. The series later continued to become a popular activity, having Yoshi Drops and FNAF SFM: in the weekend getting over 100 views.

The Episode FNAF SFM: in the weekend gained a lot of controversy as the creator of the video, Hitlerspimp, made a hate/joke comment, causing his fan base to attack the video with harsh comments. Eli and Travis both made comments about this issue and resolved it.


Blank Space parody by Shane Dawson

MLG Cats

Scary Game Videos

Yoshi Drops

More MLG Videos

Epic Reject Pokemon Battle

Different Types of Drunk People

Smash Bros. Christmas

Sad Ending

FNAF SFM: in the weekend

I Eat the Booty

I Can't Dance by Amanda Hackey

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