Role Playing in TCV is defined into three categories: Skits, Songs and Parodies. The director of Role Playing is No one

Kyle in a role playing video

Kyle in a role playing video

Skits Edit

TCV has had 11 Skits uploaded. Their are simple comedy skits that are 5-10 minutes long. There are 1 time videos, like Fruit Punch Gone Wrong or Super Jake, or yearly skits like Food Battle and Christmas Special. Notable actors are Travis Platt, Kyle Platt, Cody Mocek, Jacob Mocek, and William Boehm III.

Songs Edit

So far TCV has 4 songs uploaded: Smashing Bottles, Funny Beard Song, Anaconda by Nicki Mina Parody and Epic Rap Battles of TCV: Mario vs. Mittens. Songs are originally written songs, but some are song parodies.

Parodies Edit

TCV Parodies are a sub genre of skits where TCV jokes about something. So far, all TCV has done is commercial parodies. Fushigi and Pillow Pet are two of the items parodies. There is also a Scam Video for a school project that is also included.

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