The Swim-lympics are a group of games usually dealing with a pool done every year.


The Swim-lympics have been running since 2012. Stuntmen compete in various sports where they can win Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.


The events that have been used in the Swim-lympics are: Lap Swim, Platform Diving, Underwater Pull Ups, Hoop Shoot and Triathlon. Former activities include Home Run Derby.

Winners Edit

Lap Swim: 2012 Matt Romanish 2013: Tyler Moran 2014: Tyler Moran 2015: Tyle Moran

Platform Diving: 2012: Tyler Moran 2013: Tyler Moran 2014: Cody Mocek 2015: Kevin Kriley

Home Run Derby: 2012: Matt Romanish

Water Pull Ups: 2012: Matt Romanish 2013: Ray Ray Lawson 2014: Ray Ray Lawson 2015: Drew Rowland

Hoop Shoot: 2013: Joseph Ray 2014: Cody Mocek 2015: Tyler Moran

Triathlon: 2013: Joseph Ray 2014: Joseph Ray 2015: Joseph Ray

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