William Boehm in 2015

William Boehm is a TCV stuntman. He made is debut on April 6th 2013.

Effect on TCVEdit

William plays a lot of Basketball, Football. Amateur Wrestling, Tapout, Gladiator Ball, Gaming and Role Playing. He was also elected to be the director of New Activities on December 29th 2014 but was removed from the board in February 2015.


William's favorite videos are:

Christmas Special 2014

Football Game 8


4 Person Tapout Fight 2

Tapout Fight vs Damion


April 6th 2013: Made TCV debut

September 2013: Reached Offensive Cycle

October 2013: Played in All-Star Game

June 2014: Made Role-Playing DebutOctober 2014: Sacked Joseph Ray

December 2014: Starred in Christmas Special

Personal LifeEdit

William Boehm was born December 31st 1998. He is a defensive end and right guard for the Blairsville Bobcats. During his season he made 5 tackles and got a fumble recovery for the High School and got a high school tackle in the same game.

Random FactsEdit

Thing most people mind but you don't- Being lied to in a relationship

Favorite Junk Food- Twinkies

Favorite Pop- Barg's Root Beer

Favorite Sports Teams- NHL: None: NFL. Detroit Lions. MLB: None. College: Auburn University

Favorite restaurant: Chinese Buffet